Goodbye Zentyal

Well this is a sad day. I was just reading the roadmap for Zentyal 4.0 (currently I’m running 3.4). With the last few releases they have been dropping modules left and right, nothing has changed it seems. With Zentyal 4.0 they have dropped support and integration with more modules than they had previous. IPS, UPS (NUT), Backup, Monitor, RADIUS, Web Server, Webmail, and IPSec modules are all getting the axe with the 4.0 upgrade, along with Gateway mode.

What the fuck.

The reason I found Zentyal picked it up and ran with it was because of all of those modules. I was looking for a router replacement and wanting to merge all of my separate servers into one. I was looking for a nice streamlined way to manage my home network. With these modules gone this severely blows. While I could do without some of these modules, Backup, and Monitor, Web Server and Gateway was imperative! Yes I can install Apache and Munin but I did not want all of these programs to be separate, and I really wanted a nice GUI to manage it all. Yes, I do know how to manage the server via terminal – I can get my hands dirty.

So off to find a replacement for Zentyal. I found and settled on ClearOS. While it is based of RHEL/CentOS(?) which I don’t care for actually (gimme Debian/Ubuntu please), it seems to be the best fit for the hole Zentyal 4.0 left. Currently have the server up and running on ClearOS 6.3 Community Edition. More later on the issues that brought. And I remembered to backup the SQL this time!! haha