Plex bailed on me

To try and keep this short – I had put together another server and was plugging it in to the UPS and then the protection circuit tripped. Shutdown the entire UPS, which powers my main router/server. The damn thing ended up tripping twice, so two power loss shutdowns back to back. Great. The kids happened to be watching a movie on Plex at the time. I am actually pretty impressed. The Roku Streaming Stick had buffered enough of the HD video stream to last a good 5-8 minutes after the server went dark.

So both servers online, good. No, not so good. Everything is up and working, except Plex. All indicators show that Plex is fine. The service was running, no errors in any logs that I could find, I’m stumped. It all looks good but nothing was responding. The browser wouldn’t load, the menus wouldn’t load. It was as if Plex was never there.

I did in all of my Googling find the answer, or at least something that worked. Follow the link…,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,26/func,view/id,60467/

At first I tried to reinstall ‘yum reinstall app-plex’ – didn’t work, nor did removing then installing.

rpm -e plex* app-plex* --nodeps

That was the charm the saved the day. After executing that command and then:

yum install app-plex

I was finally back in business. Everything was as it was, I was even able to resume the movie were it was cut-off. All is well in the world. If your Plex won’t load (linux, ClearOS/CentOS?) give that a shot.

ClearOS DNS and local websites

Thank you Comcast, I just started my vacation and you killed my internet. On a Saturday. Right in the middle of cartoons with the kids at 9:33am and you kill my internet. On a Saturday…until 2pm. I hate you Comcast.

So back to web development I guess, oh wait no internet. I host my sites locally here at home so no internet should not hit me too hard (except for all the offsite javascript and fonts – bad idea). But it did. My domains would not resolve, so I edited the servers DNS. Problem solved.

Network > DNS Server > (edit your existing entry)

You should already have a main DNS entry when you installed your system. From here all you need to do is add the domain you host locally. Dump it in an alias box (ex: Alias #3 = Now your domain should resolve and load with or without internet.

Party on Wayne.