I got a new watch

Samsun Gear S2
Samsun Gear S2
I went in to the AT&T wireless store the other day to upgrade my phone. I wanted to go from my Galaxy S6 to the Note 5. There was nothing wrong with the S6 and it was performing well still (even though I swear to god “they” slowly break the phone via software updates over its lifespan), I really wanted the S Pen. I have a Note 8 tablet with the pen and I love the damn thing.

So while I was upgrading the lady asked me if I was interested in a Smartwatch, not really. Then how about a tablet – already got one. Then she throws out the fishing pole….it’s free. Damn it, you got me. So needless to say I walked out of the store with a Note 5 and a Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch (actually it had to be mailed but whatever).

The watch is awesome. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like it or even want to use it, I am not really a watch kinda guy. I wish I had been able to get the S2 Classic (it’s more of a classic watch style, duh classic) than the sport but whatever. I took the dark grey one. There could be some more apps but I am not really complaining, there seems to be app for the things I want to do – except for the Roku. I need a watch Roku app!!

Revisited: So I came back to this post a month or so later. I have had the watch for about 45 days now. I like it, and I find it useful. Is it $199-299 useful? Hell no! Its a watch that has gimmicky things to it. One of the major drawbacks is the watch faces. The majority of the faces available are utter garbage. There are a few faces that are made really well but they are few and far between. Android Wear seems to own the crown here. New apps are slow to come, and all the faces are basically the same. But the bezel is cool!