AKAI MPK Mini on a Mac Pro with Logic Pro

Little tid-bit of information I found out today, I’ll share with the class. I have a “late 2013” Mac Pro, aka the trash can. I dabble a little bit with Logic X Pro, sometimes I just fool around. But I do like to use it for recording my guitars and shit. Works great. I thought lol, well it didn’t today. I got bit by the music bug early this morning wanted to get something done. Was feeling in a dirty dubstep mood and wanted to play. Plugged in the AKAI and nothing. It lit up and all the pads worked but no sound. It wasn’t auto mapping to instruments and dials were not moving. Took me about 30 minutes before I switched USB ports and wha-la! Apparently it only plays nice as the main USB port. I was programming an ESP8266 yesterday on the Mac and left the FTDI plugged in on the main port, I just plugged the AKAI into the other one figuring it should work. Never gave it a second thought. The trash cans USB plugs are on the back, a rather inconvenient place for them says I. So I use some USB extension cables to get them to a more reasonable spot on the desk. They look the same so they get mixed up sometimes, which usually doesn’t matter. Did this time I guess.