It’s always fucking something

Isn’t it? Always. Life cannot just fucking go on. So after the server tear down the other day I needed to install something to replace ClearOS, I decided that it was to be Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Ubuntu ain’t bad (I like it) and I am comfortable with it, it usually works no problems, and has tons of support. Cool. Used it many times before. So mundane install complete, nothing fancy here unless you like dealing with partitions – which I fucking don’t. There’s always that feeling that you are about to wipe everything you own accidentally.

So new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed, no issues (fuck you Clear). Great now what, time to reinstall all the other shit I guess. SSH for my life to work, Transmission for torrenting, Apache2 for web schtuff (you’re reading it) and I think thats it. Oh Plex, Plex Media Server (PMS a fitting fucking name so far). Which is great. Fucking love it. It’s Netflix for your own collection. Currently up to 357 titles! Woot. I always had issues with Plex on ClearOS (no shit). It would never update. Ever. Well all that mess is done with right? HA! Fooled you! So Plex loaded up just fucking fine last night. Great. Even finished grinding through the catalogue again, new images and such. I even watched a fucking movie last night. So this morning, when I wake up and the kids want to watch a cartoon. Plex right? HAHAHA! Why the fuck would you think it would be working for you?

Apache2 down. SSH can’t tunnel in. Plex laughing in my face and won’t load. I am about 30 seconds from literally burning down this god damn computer. I have seriously fucking had it ad am starting to think there are maybe hardware issues that are fucking with me. There has to be a reason shit is constantly burning in my life. I am so close to tossing all my shit on a paid server and being fucking DONE. Need to walk away. Walk away. For like 6 months. FUCK. I would knee cap a motherfucker for a stable working server right now, just point out the poor bastard.

And then the fucking fax line goes out… are you fucking serious right now?