Plex where are you?

Running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, fresh install 48 hours old. I have tried Plex from the official site. Downloading and installing via dpkg. Installs fine, doesn’t load.

I have tried the old PPA, installs fine, goes through the motions. Won’t start.

I have followed like three different tutorials on Plex installs, which is a dead simple process.

I have purged and removed all Plex files. I have tried multiple time. No love.

I don’t know what any of that bullshit means. Oh wait I do. Plex won’t start.

Oh and did I mention the forums are not working. They won’t let me login to post for help. Even tried to create a new user. Fuck my life.

Update: I rebooted a few times and ran the official install process, what the fuck it works. Not sure why I had to reboot for it to finally work.