Zentyal 3.4/Ubuntu 13.10 Installation Problems

After trying to do a fresh install of Zentyal 3.4 a few times unsuccessfully I just gave up. I tried multiple discs and USB flash drives to no avail. Come to find out recently thats a bug in the Ubuntu 13.10 installer. It disables some motherboards USB ports during installation. Right after language selection the system appears to hang. The keyboard stops functioning, caps lock nor num lock respond.

There is a work around! If you can, use a PS/2 keyboard and problem solved. If you can’t some people mention unplugging and moving the keyboard to a different USB port works for them. There are also reports of using a USB switch to bypass this issue.

During all of my searches I found this page to be of the most help:

Hopefully this saves you some time.

Retrieve your Zentyal MySQL Password

So you have the need for a SQL database for your website (or whatever), which all happens to be a Zentyal box. Why not just use the existing mySQL server? Why not indeed? All you need is the password. Luck would have it that is not a problem.

sudo nano /var/lib/zentyal/conf/zentyal-mysql.passwd

Copy that down cause thats your password. From here you can use the database manually or install something like phpMyadmin.

I found this page to be of help when I was searching: