So I have been gone a while, I had my liver transplant. I was suppose to have a live donor liver transplant on the 10th of November. It was all setup, donor was ready and then I got a call on the 3rd, “come to UCSF NOW!”. That was one of the freakiest phone calls I have ever received. Someone up in Washington had passed and was a match for me. I was still waiting on the list, had at least another year to go before my spot was up. But they decided to bypass everyone else and give me the liver. Apparently the gentleman was “rather large” they said and I was one of the only ones the liver would fit in. I’ll gladly take it. A full liver is better than half, less recoup time and better overall for me. So for the past few weeks I have been home resting. Things are starting to get better, I am starting to feel more like myself as time goes by. They gutted me, my stomach looks like Frankensteins Monster. Somewhere around 60-70 staples. They basically traced my rib line. Staples finally come out next week. So hopefully I will be back in action no too much further down the road. Then I can get back to tinkering and shit. So that’s where I have been.