ClearOS DNS and local websites

Thank you Comcast, I just started my vacation and you killed my internet. On a Saturday. Right in the middle of cartoons with the kids at 9:33am and you kill my internet. On a Saturday…until 2pm. I hate you Comcast.

So back to web development I guess, oh wait no internet. I host my sites locally here at home so no internet should not hit me too hard (except for all the offsite javascript and fonts – bad idea). But it did. My domains would not resolve, so I edited the servers DNS. Problem solved.

Network > DNS Server > (edit your existing entry)

You should already have a main DNS entry when you installed your system. From here all you need to do is add the domain you host locally. Dump it in an alias box (ex: Alias #3 = Now your domain should resolve and load with or without internet.

Party on Wayne.