ClearOS and Plex hate me today

Everything worked fine 100% last night. Zero issues. Apparently technology is giving me a big middle finger today. My cellphone provider is telling me I used 15gb of data in just a few hours and then Plex decided to stop working out of the blue – won’t load at all. So I logged into my ClearOS 6.5 server to see what’s going on, no its not disabled, apparently Plex decided it didn’t want to be here anymore and deleted itself. Sweet! So I had to browse the market at reinstall Plex (I have had to do this once before if I remember correctly).

Plex reinstalled all is well? Hahaha NO. So after the reboot of the server ClearOS also decided to change its primary NIC. What the fuck is wrong with you Clear? I have five (5) ethernet ports (two cards). One 1000gb on-board and another Intel Pro/1000 Quad-Port PCI-E ethernet card. The on-board is the NIC for the modem and the quad card was all my internal stuff. Was using one port to go to the switches and I have been trying to get a Hot-LAN to work with no success – won’t give me DHCP. My internal IP is X.X.X.1 (others are .11-14), after the reboot the system decided to dump everything on .13 as if it were my primary. Why did you do that? I had to delete ALL of the active NIC settings on the ClearOS machine boot screen and re-add them back in. I only added the .1 address to speed things up and not cause issue. And then another reboot.

Now things appear to finally be back to where they were last night – working. After reconfiguring the NICs and waiting a few minutes after the reboot Plex is back as well. Now…what the fuck happened? Wasn’t an update, Plex is still complaining about needed one…