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V Rising

V Rising, a pretty cool survival game. That’s a new genre to me, the game was cheap $19.99 and it looked neat and different so I picked it up for  me and a friend. I did some reading online to figure out what the game was about and how to play it so I wouldn’t die right off the bat, as I knew nothing much  about the game at all. While playing I realized that in PvE mode I could roll my own server as I don’t need to interact with other players and having their castles over the place is a real pain in the ass. So I was thinking of hosting my own dedicated server for V Rising. After I figure the game out a bit I plan on moving over to PvP. Most Steam games with dedicated servers run on Linux. Not V Rising, it is still a Windows game with Windows servers. But, you can run V Rising server with Wine via Docker on Linux. Takes up a small chunk of memory but it can be done.

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The official (Windows) dedicated server page/instructions:



V Rising Dedicated “Linux” (Docker only) Server

If you are running  a Windows server or a Windows machine  24/7 then just run the default EXE file from the game makers as it was intended. If you want to run a server on Linux then follow the directions below. Here are a few links to Dockerized versions of the server.


https://github.com/TrueOsiris/docker-vrising (I used this one)



Here’s a few more on DockerHub

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Ombi v4 and HAProxy


Just a quick one. If you happen to run HAProxy for well, proxying, and you run Ombi (which is a frontend request app for Plex, if you don’t know google it) then you are aware of the recent update to v4. While v4 looks very nice I feel like they took away some vital features or at least moved em to where I cannot find them. But anyhow, the recent v4 update seems to have broken HAProxy and it will not display properly anymore. If you run the 503 maintenance code message for when issues poop up then you will see that message.

The fix seems to very simple. Just change the health check to basic instead of HTTP and add a huge timer and all will be well. Not exactly sure what changed here but that change got my system back to functioning.


From Reddit: