/boot I hate you (fixed it, but I still hate you) [updated]

So thanks to ClearOS and their installer (in my defense I should not have used the autoinstaller but I had also tried a custom install a few times with no success so auto it was) I have a /boot partition with a fucking size of 30mb. Yeah thanks for that shit. So now I can’t seem to update cause I need at least 60mb more to do so. I have to resize it. Which the server has to be down for – no internet for the house – no Plex for the house. It’s 2016…Do you realize what this is asking of me? So I did it, brought it all down.

Fucking Optiplex refuses to boot from CDROM/DVDROM. I tried SATA4, and SATA3/ I tried ATA0 and ATA1. I tried removing a hard drive (SATA3). Refuses to see it. See its once booted, sees it in BIOS, won’t see it at boot. Fucker wont boot from USB even though BIOS says it should. Boot priority is good. Hard drive priority is good. What the fuck man?! I remember booting issue with this box before (which is why I didn’t originally use it).

Good news: ClearOS has been rebooted 3x so far and each time it has come back up with full internet support – no bullshit required to get it working as usual. Dunno wtf happened there, but I ‘ll take it! Yet the battle rages on…

UPDATE: I was able to get the 840 to boot off the USB stick. Apparently auto doesn’t do anything.You have to set the USB emulation to hard drive, not auto, then select the proper hard drive boot sequence. Pushing the new USB drive which you should now see to the top. You will NOT see the USB drive under boot priorities in the BIOS. You WILL see it under the hard drive boot priorities after setting the emulation to hard drive. Hopefully that is clear as mud and helps you out.

So I was able to boot but I was not able to resize the partition. The /boot drive that was generated by ClearOS installer was 95mb, whoo! And the scheme it used is all fucked up. Time to rethink ClearOS, like with Zentyal? All these little things are becoming an irritation. Part of me wants to scrap it all and go straight Debian. But then again since the family is involved I need to be able to make changes quickly, or someone else has to if I am away.

2mb….. unknown partition
95mb…. /boot
200gb… xfs partition
700gb… extended partition
… swap
… linux… ext4
… home…. ext4
… bullshit…

It wouldn’t let me resize anything other than the extended partition at the bottom (which is what I though I needed to do. I could shrink it and add unallocated space at the end of it but then it would not let me move any others “to the right”. Back to the drawing board.

UPDATE 2: I removed (after backing up) the vmlinuz-0-rescue-* and initramfs-0-rescue-* files. See this http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/238081/removing-the-rescue-image-from-boot-on-fedora

UPDATE 3: I removed the files from /boot and I was able to update all but Samba – ain’t that a bitch. The one program that wont update is Samba. One… I use it…two..Samba doesn’t play well with others. I had to restart the Samba service to get it all working again. Now I am stuck because Samba won’t update along with some other lib module I can’t remember right now. Fubar. Then I noticed Transmission is down. For fucks sake man.

UPDATE 4: A simple uninstall and reinstall from the Marketplace solved the problem. But for some reason I am now expecting to have permission problems…