Goodbye Clear

I’ve fucking had it. Between my Comcast internet constantly dropping this week and all the bullshit ClearOS continues to throw at me I’m fucking done. Went to bed with no intarwebs, woke up with no intarwebz, spent all day yesterday without it… and for no “clear” fucking reason (see what I did there?). I gathered all the wireless AP’s, cleaned em up and redistributed them around the house in a more orderly fashion. Replaced an old failing Linksys, and ripped ClearOS to the fucking curb! Sadly it is still running, but at as a standalone server now, gotta keep the domains up right. I imagine in the next few days I will probably dump Debian on it and finally be fucking free. I did have to go back to a commercial router solution (using a Buffalo WHR-300-HP), which I am still not happy about but fuck it at this point. Next machine I get will become a dedicated UFW box. No, it will not ClearOS. Fuck that shit with a stick.