An angry mob with pitchforks and torches

They have officially had it with me. They being the wife and daughter. My daughter has a website that I was (was) hosting on our home server along with my sites, well with the server constantly going down due to me fucking with it (mainly ClearOS not fucking working) and Comcast sucking balls they are now officially angry. I don’t blame her (the daughter), when ClearOS had to be reinstalled (how many times?) I lost her database for her site. Whoops. But really in my defense I didn’t lose it. She used some kind of plugin that flooded the database with IP addresses of visitors for page-clicks. Tons and tons and tons of IP addresses. It farked the database when I backed it up before I reinstalled Clear. So it’s there but I cannot import it, it’s all corrupted.

So now that the mob is officially angered we need a happy solution. That turned out to be Siteground. I got an “Official Server”. Moved the majority of my sites to it, specially my daughters, but left one behind on the home Ubuntu server for playing and testing purposes. I’m excited, it’s been a long time since I have had an actual server. Got a nice account with Siteground for a decent price. I have all kinds of goodies to play with! Now the mob is satisfied, pitchforks put away and torches extinguished.

New Server!

Just crazy. A while back when I had acquired the Dell XPS 710 I was using (that died) there were also a few other machines that fell into my hands. Most of them where old desktop garbage, under 1ghz 256mb ram stuff, eck lol. But there was also a server. A Dell PowerEdge 840. The machine was stripped of all drives and memory but it did have a SCSI card, which I have no use for. I had to borrow some ECC unbuffered memory from a friend to try and get it to work, which I couldn’t. I was able to get it to boot but nothing I did would make the damn thing recognize a hard drive. Even adding a PCI-E SATA card, nothing. I could not bring myself to throw it away however, I have a hard time letting go I guess. Which is a good thing!

After the server died last month I have been trying to figure out where I am getting the cash for a new one or “what else could I do”. I was going to go down the PCDuino road when I decided to try the PowerEdge one more time. I was pretty sure I did not have any ECC ram, but sure as shit when I looked in my Bag-o-Ram there was two 512mb sticks sitting there. WTF, I do not remember those. So I tossed them in and the machine booted up. Quick look through BIOS, yup everything looks OK. Power down, added a hard drive, powered up. #$%&@#$$%&!!!1 It fucking worked. I did have to enable all the hard drive options in BIOS but I would have sworn I would have tried that the last time too. Fuck it, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Moved all the drives, minus two smaller IDE drives (not enough ports/room), and ClearOS booted. Albiet into emergency mode or whatever but hey it booted. I had to issue a command and no I don’t remember what it was, but it was printed out on the screen. “Hey idiot, do this.” And then a reboot once or twice and ta-da Bob’s your uncle. I did have to do a little finaggling with the ethernet card, but since I moved the PCI-E card too it wasn’t that bad. At first ClearOS gave me all new card names (like eth0, eth1 instead of enp3s0. Which I always thought was an odd name). but it renamed them all to the older scheme after a reboot. It basically only took about 20 minutes after I moved all the hardware over to get ClearOS up and running. I am very pleased – for once.