An angry mob with pitchforks and torches

They have officially had it with me. They being the wife and daughter. My daughter has a website that I was (was) hosting on our home server along with my sites, well with the server constantly going down due to me fucking with it (mainly ClearOS not fucking working) and Comcast sucking balls they are now officially angry. I don’t blame her (the daughter), when ClearOS had to be reinstalled (how many times?) I lost her database for her site. Whoops. But really in my defense I didn’t lose it. She used some kind of plugin that flooded the database with IP addresses of visitors for page-clicks. Tons and tons and tons of IP addresses. It farked the database when I backed it up before I reinstalled Clear. So it’s there but I cannot import it, it’s all corrupted.

So now that the mob is officially angered we need a happy solution. That turned out to be Siteground. I got an “Official Server”. Moved the majority of my sites to it, specially my daughters, but left one behind on the home Ubuntu server for playing and testing purposes. I’m excited, it’s been a long time since I have had an actual server. Got a nice account with Siteground for a decent price. I have all kinds of goodies to play with! Now the mob is satisfied, pitchforks put away and torches extinguished.