Static IP on a Raspberry Pi running Jessie

Raspberry Pi

I know this is out there already in the Googlesphere, this post is more for me in the future than it is for you. I have a few Raspberry Pies and I like to run static IPs. It just makes things easier and I like having my network “all fancy”.

I went to setup a static IP the other day and it wasn’t working. I rebooted a few times until I figured out something was up. In my Googling I found out that the standard linux way of assigning a static IP address won’t work with the new version of Jessie for a Raspberry Pi. They made some updates and the old configuration now gets ignored. So editing the interfaces at  /etc/network/interfaces is a no go. I mean you can, but it’s pointless. Not to worry the new way is just as easy as before it is just located in a different file now. Now you need to edit  /etc/dhcpcd.conf, and the way you set the address is slightly different.

The old way of doing things:

And the new way of doing things:

It has become a little easier if you ask me, you just need to know where the new file to edit is.

All thanks to this page: