Plex (on ClearOS) and Subtitles

(These directions should work on most linux installs of Plex)

I have kids, three of them. This makes actually hearing a movie or TV show damn near impossible, so I usually have the subtitles on – you get used to it after a while.

Since I have been using Plex (before on Zentyal and now on ClearOS) I have been manually downloading subtitles from and adding them to specific Plex movies as I watch them. A tedious process. I already have my system set to automatically download my torrents directly to the media folders, then Plex auto refreshes and the movies are good to go (works for the most part, I need to work out some permission issues). Now I have found a way to automate the subtitle process. I just got it working so I have not tested it fully yet. But so far it appears to be working.

Go here for the Plex plugin

On ClearOS 6.5 the plexmediaserver folder is located at
(this seems to be the location for most Linux based Plex installs)


    Just add it to your plugin folder (may need to change permissions).

  2. Then open Plex in a browser.
  3. Go to your Plex SERVER SETTINGS > AGENTS.
  4. From there click on Movies or TV Shows and your new plugin should appear under Freebase or TheTVDB.
  5. Configure how you like from there.
  6. When done with settings, go into Tv and Movies and force a library refresh, this should update your existing movies/shows with subtitles.

Oh, and it’s not my fault if you break something…

UPDATED 2-11-2017: It seems the original Plex Subscene plugin I was using and mentioned in this post is no longer available at Github. The page has also been removed. I found this in my searches while looking for a replacement. It is a different plugin called Sub-Zero. It does much more than the plugin mentioned in this post. Download that one and give it a shot. If you get stuck check out this blog for help