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Sweet. Yes. Fate actually worked for me this time, if you can fathom that. I had a Samsung Note 8 tablet, which I loved. The S-Pen is great, it’s what made me decide to get a Note 5 phone. Well this last Father’s Day at like 3am during one of my awesome morning stints the fucking thing fell over. I have been trying to better myself and got back to lifting weights (which I’ve also already dropped HA) and I decided since I was up that I should be productive and lift. So as I stood there with a barbell a cockroach crawled across the floor. I decided in my infinite wisdom to try and step on it. During so (which I failed to do) I hit the ottoman the tablet was standind on, yes standing – I am an idiot. It rocked. Tablet fell. It tipped right over and smack. Crack. Shattered the screen right above the power button. Fucking sweet.

So I looked around and found on eBay, a replacement screen for $30 and a battery for $25 plus the chance that I would fuck it up, or that it would never be the same again because let’s face it eBay is chinese shit. I decided to see what it would be like to put in a claim with my carrier. Well the tablet isn’t made anymore, and it’s old. Duh, it’s not made anymore. So they wont refurb it. They’ll swapp it for a Galaxy Tab S2. What? Yes. They’ll swap a currently rated $180 tablet with a currently rated $400 tablet. Fucking sweet sauce. I’ll take it. No swapping a battery, no swapping a screen and removing adhesive. And now no longer stuck on Android 4.1! I get Marshmallow now! For once something bad turned out to be good. That’s fucking rare…

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