Note 5 and Bluetooth

So I have an AT&T Note 5, love(d) it. I have had it now for a few months. Love the stylus and I originally thought it would be too big, but its actually a great size. Note a good size if you are a one handed phone user. It does have a single hand mode, but you still can’t reach the hard buttons. Anyways, Bluetooth. The range on this thing was great with my headset. I would get 30 feet easy with no distortion. Was fucking tits. What happened? Everyone else is saying its related to the Gear S2 watch which cannot be true. I got my phone and watch the same day, never had an issue till 5.1.1. I’m positive thats what killed my BT. Fucking sucks. The watch is now practically useless. If it can’t connect to the phone to send and receive data what fucking good is it? I’m holding out for the 6.0 MM update to see if it fixes it, otherwise I’m bitchibg at AT&T. So tired of these sleeper “you must install” updates, they ALWAYS break shit. Funny enough it’s usually around the time of the launch of another phone. Cause you know, people need a new cellphone every 3-6 months. Fucking stupid.

Update: Got the 6.0 update and all is right in the world. Bluetooth range issue is resolved for me. Fucking sweet. 

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