Random Updates

Nothing techie going on lately, nothing useful to post at the moment. So heres some drivel…

I have an AT&T Note 5 (and love it) and a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch (also love it). No complaints on either… until the Note automatically updated to 5.1.1, then the Bluetooth died. I had a 30-50ft operating range before the 5.1.1 update, and after the update I would be lucky to get 1ft from whatever I was paired to. The watch disconnected consistently, headphones were useless. Stream music to a sound bar? The phone would have to be literally sitting on it to work. And no, I was not wiping my phone, the “format and reinstall” crap is old MS bullshit. That is NOT a way to fix a problem, you’re just going around it and hoping it doesn’t happen again. I knew there was a 6.0 update coming soon so I decided just to wait. Glad I did. Now, if it happens again…

I tried to not wake up and immediately smoke a bowl today (the 3am session to go back to sleep doesn’t count)… I paid for my mistake, with vomit. Yay amyloidosis!

Unmotivated lately. Thats me. I have so many projects but zero drive to do them lately. Being sick all the time kinda takes the fun out of shit. Or you just really don’t feel like working on a project because you are not 100%. Seems to be a lot of that lately.

I could rant all day about State Disability, SSDI and how much AT&T (as a company/employer) fucking sucks. But I wont, it would accomplish nothing except making my hair fall out and my heart rate triple.

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