UDM Pro Transmission and Reception Errors

UDM Pro Transmission and Reception Errors (Last Updated On: )
All of this began after a recent update about a a month ago (around June 3-5th?), I think it was update 7.4.156 according to a post I read. I found change log entries of Ubiquiti fiddling with ports and port profiles. Then all of a sudden all of the UDM Pro’s that I manage starting sending me “Transmission and Reception” error notices. At first I freaked out, but then I found it very odd that multiple UDMs were having the same issues. Then a week later my personal UDM started sending me the same notices. Well as soon as I received them of course it was off to Google/Reddit to figure out what the fuck was happening. A lot of people were (still are) having this issue. In short it seems that Ubiquiti made some changes and now the UDMs are reporting Transmission and Reception errors on ports. I have also noticed that this seems to happen when large chunks of bandwidth are used. Whenever my server downloads a huge amount of shit or when I am really getting busy with my Xbox I notice I get these messages. The UDMs I manage have a lot of CCTV bandwidth going on. The notices matche up when the end users are remotely streaming large amounts of CCTV footage.

Home – UDM Pro #6 is experiencing transmission and reception errors. This may indicate a problem with a port or cabling.

The people on Reddit that have been getting these notices have tested their UDMs for packet loss. They found no such thing to be true. I myself have also noticed zero issues when these messages are sent. I think Ubiquitis new port monitoring code needs some tweaks. Next time they do something like this it would be kind of nice of them to actually fucking say something! Almost every owner of a UDM seems to be experiencing this. Fuckin asshats.



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Critical Event: UDM-Pro #1 is experiencing transmission and reception errors. This may indicate a problem with a port or cabling.


Transmission and Reception Errors – Should these tie up with netstat / ip?




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