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A few months back I decided to drop the multi-monitor setup (I had three at the time) and get one large screen. Since my job takes me in and out of peoples home everyday I get a lot of opportunities to see many different setups. So over the years I have gravitated to the larger screens, I’m talking 27″+.

I bought a 32″ HD Vizio M-Series Smart TV (model M322i-B1) with all the fixins. Had the best picture at the time I was in the store, glossy screen, super light and thin – it was perfect. It has been perfect, I love this thing. The only downside now is that I want two, and… the TVs native Netflix app will not work.

It loads and takes you to the start a trial or login page. Upon entering the details for either one, as soon as you click the “Next” button the TV changes sources. Every damn time. All of the other apps work just fine. Amazon, Hulu, Pandora etc. I have tried numerous things trying to get it to work with no luck. I tried wireless, hardwired, with security and without. Called tech support a number of times to the point where they sent out a technician to replace the mainboard.

The tech came out and naturally wanted to try a few things before just swapping out a board. He said he had never seen this issue before. After letting him fiddle with it a number of times and asking a few questions he actually got it. He got it to work! Turns out it is either a firewall problem or a ISP port problem. He did mentioned that he experiences a lot of issues with Smart TVs and Comcast, causing all sorts of problems. The way he was able to get it to work was by using the hostspot feature on his cell phone and connecting the TV to his phones wifi signal. Thus bypassing my router and my ISP (Comcast) at the same time. So while it did work this is only a temporary solution, at least it points me in the exact direction I need to look into.

I did look into ports and forwarding with the Netflix login/streams and found nothing I don’t already have configured for the Rokus in the house. I suspect it may be a Comcast problem. I am sure they will swear they are not blocking any ports.

5/06/15 Update: I recently decided to “upgrade” my servers hardware, during the process I deployed my backup router whole doing the changes. I decided to take a look and see if Netflix would load off a standard router. It did, with no problems.

So it seems I have pin pointed the culprit. My ClearOS 6.5 box is blocking my Vizio TVs Netflix app from loggin on. Now to find a way to fix it.

5/13/15 Update: I have pin-pointed the culprit to be the Web Proxy. I had Web Proxy enabled with transparency. All of the other devices worked just fine. Wii, PS3, Roku 1, Roku Sticks, serveral cellphones, tablets, browsers and all apps. The only thing affected by it is my Vizio TV, and only Netflix. I have added exceptions for all of the sites I have been able to find, but the TV will still not load a stream. I was able to finally login and I can browse titles but any streaming is out. If Web Proxy is disabled the TV works just fine.

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