Alexa, turn this shit off

The title pretty much says it all. We were sitting in bed late one night and the wife yelled “Alexa, turn this shit off!”. Yet nothing happened. Well thats just not good enough. The next morning I opened Node-Red on the house server. I added a new Wemo Emulator node and named it “this shit”. I then connected the new node to the house lights via Hue nodes. Bam! Now whenever we yell at the echo “Alexa, turn this shit off!” you get greeted with “OK” and all the lights shut off! I couldn’t be happier. Now the wife laughs every night when I say it, go figure.

(on the flip side I can now tell her to “turn this shit on” and all the lights will turn on)

No fancy scripts needed, just install the Wemo Emulation node, and then connect it to whatever you want to control. Then tell Alexa to “discover devices” and you should be set.

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